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Surprise, Nokia D1C is not Android Smartphone but a tablet with 13.8- inch display

Reported Nokia D1C Android 7 smartphone is actually a 13.8 inch Android tablet This news is going to. dishearten many Nokia fans. as well as...
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Top 10 most amazing Notepad tricks,hacks and commands that will work on your PC

Notepad is the simplest text editor provided by Microsoft in every version of Windows including its current Windows 10 avatar. Notepad i...
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Nokia demonstrates a whopping 65 terabit-per-second transmission which is equivalent to streaming 10 million high-definition TV channels simultaneously

The yesteryears mobile phone king is doing quite well in the telecom sector that can be seen from its latest achievement. Nokia’s Alcate...
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Are we alone in the universe? UFO ‘120 times faster than plane captured on air traffic radar’

New Zealand news channels were abuzz with the news of UFO sighting. The news was first aired on News Now which showed a super-speed fli...
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This man’s Nokia phone took a bullet meant for him and he lived to tell the tale!!!

Nokia phone reportedly saves a man’s life by stopping bullet The proverb “Old Is Gold” is once again proven right by an old Nokia phon...
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Check Out These Actual Business Cards Of The World’s Most Famous People

They say a business card is a mirror of what you think about your business. And when you famous you need to make yourself and your brand...
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