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Apple’s iPhone 7 Explodes; User Stays Safe

With the passage of time, our gadgets and
devices become more advanced. Technology
has enabled users to connect in new and
unique ways. Regardless, all gadgets,
notebooks and rest are still complex
combination of chemicals. A recent example
of this phenomenon is the Samsung Galaxy
Note 7. Samsung’s phablet for 2016 came
with big expectations. An Iris scanner coupled
with an efficient designed spelled no doubts
for its success. Yet, the same inefficient
combination of chemicals on its battery led to
severe consequences for the Korean tech
 Today, it’s Apple’s turn as one of Cupertino’s latest has also succumbed to the elements.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Explodes And Completely Disintegrates For The First Time

The phenomenon of the Note 7’s explosions
wasn’t limited to a handful of devices. Users
left right and center witnessed their devices
explode, especially during charging. The tablet is banned on airlines and by
government agencies. Today we’re going to talk about the iPhone 7. Apple’s flagship
smartphone isn’t immune to explosions either.
A user has posted an image of the device
which shows the iPhone 7 completely
Little details are available about the incident
except an image which you see below. The
iPhone 7 in question is completely out
wrecked and won’t be serving anyone in the
future. The device’s owner remained safe from
harm. In fact, he appears to be quite
humorous about the entire affair. He’s glad
that the box remained unharmed, which itself
raises new questions.

For starters, was the iPhone 7 in its box when
the explosion took place? The poster’s
comments certainly suggest it. We’re eager to
see this story develop and Apple’s response
on the entire matter. The last major iPhone
controversy was in the form of #bendgate.
The iPhone 6 Plus started to go out of shape
in users’ pockets, which forced Apple to take
action. Cupertino replaced the materials for
the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with a sturdier
build of aluminum.
It’s an isolated incident right now. Let’s hope
no future incidents take place. The iPhone 7
and iPhone 7 Plus feature several upgrades on
board. Both come with custom ISPs. The
larger variant features a dual camera for the
first time in iPhone history. Build wise, Apple’s
also improved polishing and integration for
the iPhone. The A10 Fusion which powers the
pair comes with four cores on board, which is
also a first for the device. Thoughts? Let us
know what you think in the comments section

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