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Bypass Windows 7 Administrator Password Without CD/USB

Bypass Windows 7 Administrator Password Without CD/USB

Bypassing of your Windows 7 Administrator Password Without CD/USB

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This post is for those that forgot their Windows 7 password and don’t want to format the system to avoid losing a lot of data. So today, I’ll be teaching you how to bypass Windows 7 lock screen and access your PC  without having to format it. Just follow the steps below and you should be able to open back without any errors.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1=> Restart your computer: You can do this by clicking the reset button in the Windows 7 Login Prompt or pressing the On/Off button on your computer.

Step 2=> Do a Hard Shutdown on Windows 7: You can  Complete this step by pressing the On/Off button on your computer while the “Starting Windows” screen is active.

Step 3=> Restart your computer again:  Complete this step by pressing the On/Off button on your computer.

Step 4=> After doing this correctly, you should get options on how to start your computer normally or by using the Start up Repair. You should select the Start up Repair option.

Step 5=> Cancel the “Do you want to use System Restore?” prompt. After you’ve launched Start up Repair, a prompt will pop up on your screen.You will want to select “Cancel”.

Step 6=> Wait until Windows has finished repairing your computer. After completing Step 5, you will have to wait. The repairing process will not harm any of your personal files.

Step 7=> Click the arrow in the bottom-left corner of the window. After waiting, a window saying “Start up Repair could not repair your computer.” You will see an arrow pointing downwards in the bottom left corner (Problem Details).

Step 8=> Scroll down and click the last link.   After Step 7, a window will pop up displaying the Problem Details. Scroll down until you see links. Ignore the first one, click the second one.

Step 9=> File > Open > Computer > Local Disk > Windows > System32.  After completing Step 8, Notepad will open up. You will want to follow this route (File > Open > Computer > Local Disk > Windows > System32. )

Step 10=> Switch from Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files. You can do this by simply clicking the drop-down menu, displayed as Text Documents (*.txt) and select All Files.

Step 11=> Find the application named sethc and rename it to sethc-bak. Sethc is the application for the Sticky Keys program. You have to rename it to sethc-bak as a backup file. This won’t do any harm to your computer or personal files.

Step 12=> Find the application named cmd and copy & paste it into the folder System32 (the one you’re in right now). Cmd is the application known as Command Prompt. After this, you will have a file named cmd – Copy in the System32 folder.

Step 13=> Rename cmd – Copy to sethc. To be able to access cmd without permission from Windows, you will need to trick Windows thinking it is Sticky Keys.

Step 14=> Close all opened windows and select “Finish”. You’re done! Now you just need to close out of all the opened windows and restart your computer.

Step 15=> Hit Shift 5 times. After successfully restarting your computer, hit Shift on your keyboard 5 times. Command Prompt with administrator privileges opens up!

Step 16=> net user [username] *. eg: net user (the username u want to hack without bracket) * Enter this code into the command prompt to change the [username]’s password. You will not be able to see the new entered password, so enter it wisely.

Step 17=> Close Command Prompt. After you’ve successfully changed the user’s password, you can now close cmd.

Step 18=> Enter the password you’ve just set for the user. After you’ve entered the password – you’re in! This is all you need to do!

I guess you should be able to access your PC back after following the above tutorial ans you shouldn’t need to take it to an engineer so as to avoid losing data.

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