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How to Easily download a complete website for offline access

This article covers a method to download a complete website for offline access using a website copy software Called WinHTTrack

There are Other softwares to download websites for offline also exists. Egg Cyotek WebCopy.

The internet is a great source of information stored over millions of websites around the world. All the information is just a click away. But what if we get disconnected from the
internet for a while, like if we have to plan a trip to some remote area where even the cellular waves fail to reach?
We would be deprived of all the great content we consume on various websites. But, what if I suggest you an amazing workaround to this situation? You can carry the complete website which you access more often on your laptop, like a blog or some tutorial
website. You won’t require the internet every time you want to access it.
How to download a website for offline use There are many software which facilitate offline viewing of a website. In
this article, I will bring to the spotlight the open source offline browser HTTrack Website Copier. It is a well-liked software used for offline browsing of websites.
HTTrack (WinHTTrack for Windows)can download an entire website. And entire means entire–all
the text, images, videos, GIFs, all of it.
Although HTTrack is available for different operating systems, I have used Windows OS to explain the working of HTTrack as it is preferred by many users over other operating systems.
Follow these steps to download a website for offline viewing using HTTrack

Step 1 : Click Nexton the welcome page.

Step 2: Type "Project and Category name" (choose any name as per your liking) in the field and click "Next".

Step 3: From the drop-down menu in front of Action, select Download website(s). In future, if you want to update the downloaded data, select "Update existing website" and follow the rest.

4. Click "Add URL" and type the website address.

5. Click "Set Options". Untick use proxy for ftp transferscheck box. Click Ok.

6. Click "Next",followed by Finish.
Now the website download process will start.
You can Cancel it anytime and you'll able to view download content.

How To Remove Mirror ERROR In HTTrack?

If you see this message. You need to follow a simple step.
1. Click"Ok" on the "Mirror Error box".
2. Go to "Set Options".
3. Click "Browser ID tab".
4. In the Browser “Identity” drop-down, select "(none)" and click "Ok".

How To Browse The Downloaded Website Using HTTrack? From the HTTrack App
1. Click "File".
2. Click "Browse sites"…
3. Your web browser will open displaying a list of all the websites you've downloaded.

From Windows Explorer
1. Navigate to "C: drive" or whichever drive you have saved the website in.
2. Open "My Web sites".
3. Open the folder of the offline website you want to browse.
4. Open the "index file". Make sure the index file uses the Chrome (or any web browser) as the default application.

How To Delete Websites Downloaded For Offline Access Using WinHTTrack?
1.Open "WinHTTrack".
2.Click "File".
3.Click "Delete Websites".
4.Go to the folder "My WebSites."
5.Select the file with ".whtt extension" and click "Open". For example, if you want to delete Websnipers, well, I won’t like it, though. Select the "Websnipers.whtt" file.
6.Click "Ok" and WinHTTrack will delete the website download for offline access.

The downloaded website rests locally on your machine and you can use it anytime as per your requirement. Also, the structure of the website is the same as it is on the internet. It means that after you open the first page of the downloaded website in your web browser, you can use the website normally.
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