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The Google Pixel Camera Takes Amazing Pictures, But…

Google claims its new Pixel smartphone has the best camera ever, citing an 89 point DxOMark score as proof that it produces superior quality to the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy Note 7. To further prove this claim; Google released a set of new photos that got me like this at first:
However, after examining the EXIF data, there is no doubt that the pictures were taken with one of the two devices. Check them out:
Pretty dope, right?!!
There is a “but,” though. Phandroid points out that some of the pictures went through some image processing either with Snapseed or the VSCO app. Another “but” had to do with the Geekbench scores of the Pixel XL which saw it getting around 1600 points on the single-core test and 4000 on the multi-core test, while the iPhone 7 Plus had 3400 points on the single-core and 5500 in the multi-core test. For a flagship, the scores might be considered abysmal to some, but bear in mind that these benchmark scores don’t usually reflect real-life performances.
Over to you, what do you think?
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