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You Can Now Make Video Calls On WhatsApp

Whatsapp has finally started rolling out and it's been currently activated on the beta android app.
There are over 100 million active users of whatsapp every month globally and this is yet another great news for all. It will really come as a blow to Google's Allo and Duo apps as they will now face even more uphill task to challenge WhatsApp.
This new video calling feature is currently available on Whatsapp version 2.16.318 beta so if you want to test it, simply download the beta app from APK Mirror Here

First Method:
✔ Go to your contacts
✔ Select the contact you would want to start a video chat with
✔ Then click on the “call” button.
✔ You will see two options (voice and video)
✔ Now select video call and you are good to go.

Second Method
✔ Go to your “calls” tab
✔ Click on the “select contact” button and the contacts will load with the video button being displayed next to the voice call button.
Once you are using the latest better app, you should be able to enjoy this. We are expecting it to hit everyone on the regular whatsapp application for Android and iOS devices.
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