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Reasons Why Android Will Always Be More Popular Than Apple's Ios

Google's Android OS currently holds about 83% market share of Mobile devices,that's a huge margin compared to what Apple holds. I'll give you 10 reasons why Android Devices will always be more popular than iOS powered phones.
1. Variety
There are different brands of Android phones. This variety gives users a lot to choose from. Some have amazing camera quality, others are beasts with amazing specifications. In iOS you're tied down to only Apple. You can only choose from the devices they have which are obviously limited.
2. Target Market
The Android OS has devices that covers every country . Google has covered virtually every country on earth and caneasily detect common habits and behavioral patterns of mobile phone users in any country making it easier for them to know the best devices and features that'll work in a specific region. As for Apple, they simply lack that ability .
3. Flexibility and Control
Android gives you the freedom to do what ever you want with your phone. You can root Android devices with the touch of a button, Change your phone's UI by installing a launcher, flashing a Custom ROM or using Xposed Modules. In iOS you hardly have any control without jailbreaking the phone. Even after jailbreaking the device, there are still limits to things you can do.
4. Connectivity
There are a variety of ways to transfer files in Android Devices. You can use Bluetooth , Xender , HotKnot, NFC and more to receive apps, music, photos and other media files. iOS on the other hand forces you to download music from iTunes and you cannot even collect music from someone via Bluetooth because some iPhones don't have Bluetooth support.
5.Budget And Cost Of Devices
Android has different phones that cut across every sector of any country's economy. There are phones for the High Class, Middle Class and Low Class. By reducing the cost of production for some devices, Android devices are able to meet the budget of almost everyone. Let's take smartphones in Nigeria as an example.INFINIX, Tecno and Itel are owned and operated by the same company but each of these devices take care of the needs of a particular class of people. iTel devices are mostly targeted at the low income earners, while Tecno and Infinix take care of the average and high income earners.This strategy has enabled these phones have a larger market share if devices in Nigeria. This is the same method all Android OEMs are using all over the world to cover every part of any country they're targeting. However , Apple devices are stuck to the price that Apple has set. iPhones are targeted at high income earners.
6. Availability Of Repair Centres
Nobody wants to use a phone that can'tbe fixed when it has a fault. Many Android devices can be fixed by third-party repair centers or personnel quite easily as their parts are readily available. The cost of repair is also relatively affordable. Unlike in iOS, The cost of repairing an Apple product is always high and the parts are always scarce.
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